Jenni Holma

Jenni Holma, née en 1987

vit et travaille à Helsinki

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Jenni Holma – Artist paper

Jenni Holma – Art CV

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Ane / Pepper Sparkles

Ane is the first person I shot for my series. She is a vintage enthusiast and a burlesque dancer called Pepper Sparkles. Ane loves masquerade, dressing up for parties and coming up with a character. She’s exited to show what lies beneath the glamour of burlesque, an ordinary and natural woman. She tells me that even when at it’s heart burlesque is about celebrating womanhood in
all it’s forms there has started to be a lot of competition in recent years. A new, normative standard when it comes to how the burlesque star has to look: skinny, but curvy. Most performers resort to plastic surgery to achieve this look. Ane has chosen not to, and hopes there is still room for diversity in the world of burlesque. In her showy Mata Hari outfit Ane really is like a breath of history; I’m sure her extraordinary, almost victorian facial structure makes her unforgettable on stage.